Steinway B, yr.1982

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The model B is considered the classic among Steinway & Sons grand pianos and is our best selling salon grand

Harmonious in its propotions, it captivates with its aesthetician appearance and rich sound

Its a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument by consert performing artist most wanted piano

Your Steinway B grand piano will delight you daily with expressiveness and well balanced sound

Is there anything better than sitting down at pristine grand piano, leaving every day life behind and making music?

16 ply hard rock Maple rim

4 Solid spruce rim

Maple bridges with maple cap

Hexagrip 7 ply pinblock

Solid quater sawn spruce soundboard

Sugar pin ribs

Agraffe double duplex

Nickel blued tuning pins

Steinway 16.5lb hammers

Hard rock maple moldings and shanks

Swedish wire

Maple action parts

European spruce keys individually balanced and weighted

Spruce plank keybed

Solid brass hardware

Company location: U.S.A

Length: 6′ 10.5″

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