YAMAHA U1, yr. 1998

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This Famouse model U1 has been continuously produced since 75 yrs ago as the one of the top of the line upright in 48″

Designed for experienced pianist and professional musicians with outstanding clear crispy tone, responsive touch and durability , Perennial favorite among discerning pianist

U1 offer outstanding musical performances, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured

Rare beautiful brown mahogany polish in super mint condition , 100% made in Japan

– Full length ribs and notched liner

– Solid spruce Sound board and Ribs

– Solid copper wound bass strings

– Hard Maple bridges

– Yamaha balanced action

– Spruce keys with hardwood buttons

– Cut thread tuning pins

– Yamaha designed hammers with T- fasteners

– Vacuum Shield Mold Process ( V- Pro) plate

– Soft slow closing fallboard

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