Boston GP178, yr.1997




Hard Rock Maple Inner rim and Mahogany outer rim

Radiating Mahogany beams

Octagrip 11 ply hard Rock Maple pinblock

Solid Sitka Spruce Soundboard

11 ribs vertical Maple and Mahogany capped bridges with cantilevered bass

Agraffe Duplex construction

Mapes bass strings

20.9lbs hammers

V pro cast iron

GP178 Performance Edition II is the perfect grand for performing artist

Designed by Steinway &Sons are built with substantial soundboard and unique sound

These pianos have clarity, elegance, and quick response

Boston ‘s are an experience you don’t wanna miss out on

Maple action parts

Spruce keys

Spruce and hardwood keybed and frame

Solid brass hardware

Slow close fallboard

Parent company: Steinway

Company location: USA

Length: 5’10”

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